Friday, December 7, 2012

Holly jolly

I woke up this morning an hour and a half before my alarm was set to go off. I'd been having a dream about bisecting triangles. Is that a thing? Bisecting triangles? Like with a compass and a ruler? I'm pretty sure that's a thing. It's weird what your brain dredges up when it's not engaged in anything productive, eh?

I could have gone back to sleep but I kept thinking about my shopping list, about how I totally forgot to buy the stuff to make fudge and how I've decided to make pecan tassies for the boys this year (the boys being husband P and son C). Yesterday I made grain-free gingerbread cookies for me (recipe found in this awesome book) and pretzel/Rollo treats for the kids (topped with pecan halves for the boy, holiday M&Ms for the nut-allergic girl) so today I really need to make P's almond crescents. It's only fair.

The decorations are all up and there's not much shopping to do. Things are humming along nicely.

C is in a really good place right now thanks to Lexapro, neurotherapy, a new daily meditation routine and generous applications of tea and Hobnobs. He's been able to get out of the house more and more but he's not yet ready to go back to school, so we've just gotten him approved for continuing with Homebound Education through the spring semester. And he might be sitting out our big holiday shindig with P's family which, as much as he enjoys seeing everyone, has always been incredibly stressful for him. If he sits it out, I'll sit it out with him, because I think 16 is just a bit too young to be left on your own for an extended weekend at home with no parents. (And not because we think he'll have a wild party or anything. Just the anxiety, you know. His AND mine, if I'm being honest.) We'll see how he feels as the date draws near.

H is recently back from a trip to Houston for the 2012 Texas Thespians State Festival, where she had an absolutely amazing time. She came home with an armload of college brochures and is VERY excited to be planning her future. Her fifteenth birthday was kind of piecemeal -- she got breakfast in bed on the day proper, right before boarding the bus to Houston, and then cake and presents when she got home a few days later. She never did have any friends over for an actual party, but apparently one was had in the school cafeteria at lunchtime the day before she left. High school has been very good for her and I'm still coming to terms with how big/old/mature she is now, how quickly she's growing up, how she'll be driving this time next year when it seems like C was only just taking driver's ed himself a short while ago. But then they ARE only 19.5 months apart.

P is nursing a bad back and keeping busy with work and volunteer stuff. I'm keeping busy too, you know, doing the holiday stuff. Baking cookies. Watching Elf. Drinking cheap wine. Bisecting triangles in my sleep.


  1. I wasn't sure when you said it but it is, indeed, a thing:

  2. HAHAHA!! Bisecting triangles, what a hilarious, hilarious dream! I wonder what it could represent for you. Triangle, three, husband + 2 kids = 3. That's one of the best dreams I've heard about in a long time.

  3. Good to hear C has made such strides! Medicine can be a beautiful thing.

  4. My lad is also overstimulated at large gatherings. One uncle said that if Lad didn't come out from the back room and visit a while, then why should Uncle come to Lad's graduation next year. My dearie explained to Uncle that Lad would have no problem with Uncle's absence.

    I've been attending a string of lovely, touching Eagle Scout ceremonies lately, and coming to terms with myself that while the lad is still on track to earn the rank himself, any hoopla would be too uncomfortable for him. And pointless, in his opinion. My dream is not his, and this is his time, not mine.

  5. Pecan tassies are the best Christmas sweet treat ever!

  6. So glad your son is doing better and that your daughter is enjoying high school!

  7. Good to hear about C. Also nice to hear you're almost all sorted for the holidays. And if you end up spending them just with C, it may turn out to be the best. Who knows!

  8. That Cupcake Red Velvet is the best!!!

  9. Glad to hear both kids are in a good place. We have the ADD 27 yr old camping out in our dining room, but it's all good.
    I can't really focus on Christmas yet. The 24 yr old graduates next weekend with her Special Ed/Communication Disorders degree and we have out of town guests, a home dinner party and a restaurant dinner party. I'll get the tree up this week then think about shopping the following week.

    Relax and enjoy the season! And the cooler weather!