Saturday, February 12, 2011

Introducing Mister Awful Adorable

We bought a dog last fall, a male standard poodle puppy, and when we brought him home he looked like this:

He was overly fond of my daughter's toes.

Now he's six months old and he is a behemoth, a 50-pound monstrosity that is only going to get bigger.

Pictured here with my son, who is six feet tall. You do the math.

Today we gave him the run of the house for the first time ever and it is BLOWING HIS MIND. We moved some stuff, closed some interior doors to block his access to certain rooms, and for the most part he's under supervision but he still can't believe he has all this freedom. He's been roaming from room to room with a stupid grin on his face, occasionally looking at us as if to say, "You know the other end of this leash isn't attached to anything, right?" (Yes, he's walking around dragging his leash behind him. Because it makes him easier to catch. We're not stupid.)

So far the only casualties have been four socks (not mine) and two pairs of earbuds (mine, but old and kind of broken already).

But the day is young.

I'll keep you posted.


  1. If he gets into something like trash or starts eating a shoe and you catch him in the act, grab him, place the item on the bridge of his nose and masking tape it around his muzzle. Don't cut off his air supply, but let him 'wear' the offending item for at least 5 minutes. He will never touch it, or anything like it, again. This works for smart breeds like poodles, border collies, aussies, etc. Labs, huskies and other 'cat' breed dogs? Not so much...

  2. Fortunately he knows the command "leave it". So if we catch him in the act, we say that and he stops.

  3. We signed our standard up for obedience classes today. Praying that poodles are as easily trained as everyone says ... because this one doesn't seem all that bright to me, and he is Out of Control.

  4. The preshus. My son, who is nine, thinks he wants a dog. No, he knows he wants one, he just thinks he knows how to take care of one. His goldfish that he got at the Tupelo Fair this fall died over the weekend.

    I'll enjoy a dog from afar. Like right here!