Friday, March 18, 2011


Where did THAT week go? I didn't mean to go so long between updates, I swear.

It's just that, well, my kids were/are on Spring Break this week. And my husband is working 18-hour days (at home). And we have this dog.

'Nuff said? I think so. Spring Break eats my brain.

I had intended to post photos of all the signs of spring in my neighborhood -- the daffodils and redbud trees and Bradford pears and ornamental peaches and whatnot that have been blooming like crazy -- but then I blinked and spring was over before it even started. Today at my house it is full-on summer, sunny and in the mid-80s and all the trees have leaves (except the pecans) and all the flowers have quit blooming (except the dianthus). I am wearing shorts! And flip-flops! And sunscreen! It's crazy up in here!

Since last we spoke I have un-mulched and weeded and planted and re-mulched the front garden beds (actually, the husband did most of the labor on that)(but I helped!)(A LOT), bought and re-potted a massive poo-load of herbs and then stashed them in the berry patch where the dog can't destroy them (I hope), taken my daughter shorts shopping and for a run on the middle school track, taken my son to the dentist and bought him cookies (I know), cooked many a meal and read many a magazine and played approximately 12,487 hours of Plants vs. Zombies, for which I may need a 12-step program. And also I bought Swedish Fish. In bulk. At Sam's Club. Ditto.

Anyhoodles, once these kids are back to school and my kitchen is able to stay clean for more than 4 seconds and my brain has slithered back into my cranium where it belongs, I'll be back. Boy, will I. Just you wait.


  1. So jealous about 80's and spring and flip flops and herbs! Oh, and Swedish fish!

  2. Okay, that is a super-weird photo of your dog --at first I would have sworn that he was doing a very acrobatic back flip, and looking so calm about it. I'm still not sure I'm wrong.

  3. Wow, summer ...
    I was a bit scared about that dog shot as well, I admit.
    Do come back soon!

  4. It's all about Tiny Wings for me at the moment. And Qrank.