Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Every day is Wednesturday

We are not quite a week into summer vacation over here and already I have taken to lounging in my pajamas until noon and forgetting what day it is. (Not to mention: sleeping in until the sun is already up! In the sky! It's weird!)

All that will change next week, as this is pretty much the ONLY non-crazy-busy week during our entire summer. Oh well. It was fun while it lasted.

So here is what I've been doing so far on my summer vacation, in addition to the above:
  • Starting to read books, realizing I don't like them, setting them aside in favor of other books, lather, rinse, repeat. So far this has happened with John Ajvide Lindqvist's Let Me In (too much distasteful/disturbing, not enough creepy/scary) and Jane Hamilton's A Map of the World (depressing and kind of boring). Right now I am semi-happily reading Tana French's The Likeness and trying very hard not to compare it in my head to Donna Tartt's The Secret History, for which I did not much care. Sigh.
  • Drinking lots of cold brew (coffee, not beer).
  • Eating weird breakfasts, like Wasa bread spread with peanut butter and sprinkled with dried pineapple, or brown rice topped with baby spinach and a fried egg. I can't quite find my breakfast mojo.
  • Walking the dog in the evening rather than in the morning (see above). He doesn't much care either way, but if I walk him in the morning he sleeps all day, and if I walk him in the evening he's hyper all night. What's THAT about?
  • Watching Extreme Couponing on TLC. I am obsessed with these grocery-hoarding freaks.
  • Listening to Gaga's new album. I know! I'm not really in her target demographic, I don't think, but this new album is kind of good, you guys.
  • Grilling everything. Last night it was tilapia in foil packets with herbs, onions and lemon.
  • Which I thought was yummy, though it elicited not a single comment, positive or otherwise, from the other two people in my house who ate it. Ah, well. Being chief cook and bottle washer is a mostly thankless job, as many of you know.

In other news, it's already in the upper 90s here. Every damn day.

And that pretty much brings you up to speed.


  1. I recommend the book Doc by Mary Doria Russell. Unless you haven't read her earlier book The Sparrow, which has some hard-to-take bits but is absolutely terrific. In which case, I recommend both.

  2. I loved The Sparrow but did not like the follow-up, Children of God, nearly as much. Will have to check out Doc, though! I do like her writing.

  3. I'm kinda waiting for you to tell us about the water dripping in the dryer because it's so humid. Do not ask me why, just when you told me that once before it has stuck in my head like an earworm. Yeah. Creepy.

  4. Thanks for the heads up about the couponing freaks. I need something to do with myself now that Niecy Nash isn't on Clean House anymore.

    Have you read The Eyre Affair? It's like Steve Martin quit writing Picasso at the Lapin Agile and decided to write a steampunkified 20th-century detective story for English majors. Wait a minute. That makes it sound lame and weird, but it's great. Either that, or I'm just so relieved not to be reading the annoying Tolkein-esque fantasy series I'd been plodding through.

  5. Hey, I'm in your demographic and LOVE Gaga.
    Is that wrong?

  6. I did indeed read The Eyre Affair and a few other books in that series, but eventually they got boring and I decided I didn't give a crap what happened to Tuesday Next, or whatever her name was.

  7. If you like brown rice for breakfast, my favorite is to add a chopped apple, half a container of fat-free yogurt (usually vanilla), a few raisins or dried cranberries and a sprinkle of cinnamon. It keeps you full the entire morning.

    I really like Gaga too.

  8. Wow, your summer vacation is already underway! Sounds good (and hot).

    P.S. I made your kale chips the other day and they were delish! I almost forgot that I was eating kale (which is sort of my goal when I eat kale).