Thursday, June 30, 2011

True confessions

Confession #1: Patton Oswalt, Oliver Platt and Nathan Lane are all the same guy in my head. I realize this is wrong. If it makes you feel any better, I LOVE that guy!

Confession #2: I cannot say the word "kingpin" out loud, with my mouth. It comes out "kinping" every single time. No idea why. Fortunately that word doesn't come up in conversation very often, except when discussing certain TV shows (see Confession #4).

Confession #3: We decided at the last minute to throw a big party this weekend for the 4th (but not ON the 4th, because we're rebels). It's a cookout. We live in Texas, the beef capital of the South. At least one of the people coming is a vegetarian, but at least two of the people coming (actually, two of the people who live here in my house and who therefore will be at the party by default) are allergic to soy. As the person responsible for all the food, this both freaks me out and exhilarates me. Soy-free vegan barbecue? I CAN COOK THAT. Just watch me.

Confession #4: I'd love to be able to tell you that the reason I haven't blogged in so long is because we've been super busy, what with the upcoming partially vegan cookout and all, but the truth is that I've spent the past mumblemumble hours/days catching up with Breaking Bad. The pilot re-aired a while ago and I loved it, so husband P bought me the first season on DVD, and from there I was hopelessly hooked. I've still got half of Season Two and all of Season Three to get through before Season Four starts on July 17th. Are you watching this show? Let's talk!


  1. 1. That's fine.
    2. All right.
    3. Want to know all about this.
    4. Sounds really interesting but it's not on here yet, bummer.

  2. Your description of your upcoming barbeque cook off is how I cook every night. Oh, and add wheat-free...Sometimes I just can't face cooking that night!

    I accidently caught an episode of 1st season Breaking Bad while tuning in late for Mad Men. You never know what is going to happen on that show. Enjoy!

    How's the rotten dog? Mine is much, much, much better if I take him to the dog park in the morning and throw the tennis ball a mile away with that contraption. Exercise is key for my beast, anyway. That and 152 chew toys all over the house. Still - and he'll be 3 in September.

  3. I'm totally hooked on Breaking Bad, too! I got hooked after watching the pilot for free via Amazon, then bought all three seasons on DVD.

    (it's doubly-weird, too, 'cos my kids love to watch Malcolm in the Middle reruns, and my head explodes with Bryan Cranston)

    Thanks for the heads-up on Season 4. I hope we get that channel!


  4. I believe that the pilot of Breaking Bad is the single best hour of television ever made. Now when you're done with catching up, The Wire awaits...

  5. I love Breaking Bad. The shows are mesmerizing. It is IMO second only to the Wire. I am enjoying True Blood this summer.

  6. Not watching that, but I love the new Sherlock Holmes and am eagerly awaiting the new season this Fall.