Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Also not a photo of my dog

Oh you guys. It's been such a busy day. I woke up at around 4:00 for some unknown reason and then I just dozed until my alarm went off, or maybe didn't go off, because I overslept. Then it was all: cram a bowl of cereal down my maw, take a quick shower and run out the door with son C so we could make it to the driver's license office before it closed early today for the holiday. He needed a new learner's permit for driving, because he lost (as in misplaced) his old one about a month after he got it, which was more than three months ago because that's when school started and the driver's license office is pretty much only open during school hours, so I couldn't take him to get a replacement until he had a day off from school that was not also a state/federal holiday. I know, right?

Anyway, we had to wait forever but we got it. So then it was all: rush home, throw some crappy microwaved lunch down my maw, rush C to his neurotherapy appointment. That's what we're trying for the misophonia. Is it working? Well, I don't really know. He's not worse but he doesn't seem a whole lot better, either. His therapist just started some new techniques and we've gone to a more frequent therapy schedule, and whatever, I guess we'll see. At least I manage to get quite a bit of reading done out in the waiting room, which always seems to smell like mildew and pee.

Then we came home and I made a pumpkin pie using my grandma's old Tupperware measuring cups. When we knew she was dying and her house and most of her stuff would have to go, my aunt asked everyone what they wanted. The only thing I could think of was her set of measuring cups. I have them hanging in the same spot where she kept them in her own kitchen, on the upper cabinet left of the sink, by the window. I know she would be happy I have them and I am REALLY happy I have them, but sometimes they just remind me that she's gone and today was one of those days. So: made a pie, had a little cry.

Fed the kids fast food for dinner because I didn't want to cook or dirty any dishes what with Thanksgiving being tomorrow and us hosting it and all, and the shake machine was broken. So no pumpkin pie shake. Which was the main thing I wanted. Oh well.

The dog keeps trying to eat my Thanksgiving decorations and also he has gas that will curl your eyelashes, and he keeps jumping all over H and she keeps yelling at him, and my laptop screen has a big patch of dead pixels that I don't know how to fix, and I'm thinking I'll have a nice whiskey and go to bed early tonight and let the parade tomorrow cheer me up. That always works.

Yep. Talk to you tomorrow.

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  1. Reading your posts is like hopping on a roller coaster (which I LOVE) for me. I get to feel ALL kind of emotions.