Monday, November 28, 2011

Day 28

Oh, you guys. I have totally half-assed this NaBloPoMo thing, I know, and I am really sorry about that. It seemed like such a good idea back in the idyllic days of October, knowing that both C's marching band practice/performances and H's theater rehearsals would be ending at the beginning of the month, and that I'd be able to sleep later than normal and go to bed at a decent hour which should TOTALLY get the creative juices flowing, right? As it turns out: not so much.

And then husband P unexpectedly got shipped halfway across the world on business. He was in India mostly, with a brief stop in the UK on his way home, and he was gone for two weeks, and get this -- he LOST HIS CELL PHONE like five minutes after he got to India. At the very beginning of his trip. I've never been a very good multi-tasker and it turns out I was completely unable to worry every second of the day about him dying in India, unable to reach me so I could hear his last words, AND blog at you at the same time. I know. My bad.

Anyway, he is home now, thank goodness. He brought loads and loads of presents back with him -- jewelry and pashminas and yards of silk and tiny sandalwood carvings and larger non-sandalwood carvings and single-malt scotch and Israeli pottery and silver goblets (and an upper-respiratory infection, but that seems to be on the mend). I have no idea how he fit all of this stuff into his luggage. Turns out when he's not watching podcasts and reading news articles and playing Angry Birds on his phone, he goes shopping! (He still hasn't gotten a new phone. Guess where he is right now? SHOPPING.)

December is going to be even busier than November was, as we are taking advantage of P's annual Month o' Personal Days off from work (his company has a use 'em or lose 'em policy on those, so he saves them up for the holidays) to do some major stuff around the house, switching my downstairs office with the upstairs guest/exercise room and painting all the walls and re-doing all the floors. To say I'm not looking forward to tackling a project like this right in the middle of kid exams and holiday decorating/shopping/cooking/travel would be an understatement, but when it's all over I'll be glad we did it. Right? OH GOD, I HOPE SO.

So, don't expect to hear from me much in December, is what I'm saying.

In the meantime, we still have two days of NaBloPoMo to get through. And I still have a bunch of pictures of my dog that I haven't even shown you yet!


  1. OMG, overseas AND lost his cell phone? I would have been freaking out, too. Glad he's back and all is well. :)

  2. Your husband's job sounds really intriguing ...
    the lost mobile not so much.
    Frankly (and selfishly) I am sorry you won't be posting much in December.
    You may change your mind though.
    Who knows.

  3. Hmmmm...I'm thinking sending my husband to India for 2 weeks might be just what the doctor ordered. ;) (Especially if he brought me back lots of goodies.) Stopping by from the NaBloPoMo blogroll.