Sunday, November 6, 2011

Maybe I should buy a lottery ticket

I have two pieces of news for you on this Sunday:

1. Son C's band came in 7th place at their weekend marching contest (out of 14 finalists and 59 bands total)! This despite the fact that C's sousaphone bell FELL OFF during their performance and four people tripped over it! I know! It was a little bit more exciting than any of us had intended! Thank goodness everyone who tripped is okay; it was amazing to watch them all recover instantly and finish out the show like the rock stars they are. There were a CRAZY number of injuries at this contest. And ... that's why marching band counts as a P.E. credit, I guess.

2. I won a NaBloPoMo prize! And I totally never win anything! And it's A BOOK, which is tied with chocolate for the Very Best Thing To Win Ever! As soon as husband P fixes our fax machine so I can return the signed prize agreement whatsit thingie, a copy of Melissa Ford's Life From Scratch will be winging its way to me. I AM SO EXCITED. (And can I just say that I am in love with the cover of this book? I would like a wallpaper border of that made for my kitchen,  please.)

Alrighty! Talk to you tomorrow! And the next day, and the next day, and the ... we have 24 more days of this, people. (I will try to become less boring. But don't hold your breath.)


  1. You are never boring. In fact you are the opposite. And in this frame of time where I am how I am your blog and all the lovely ones I follow are helping go through.
    Keep it up Kathy and thank you!

  2. I love your blog so much. It has been fun to watch your kids grow up. Congratulations on your prize. It is well deserved.

  3. My son had a similar problem at his last marching competition this past weekend, only it didn't involve instrument malfunctions (until afterwards)...the boy behind my son got off spot while marching backwards and my son stepped on his foot....and went down...hard...THEN....7 more people went down on top of him.....(I still see it in slow motion - arms and legs flailing....)they popped up so fast and finished like pros too.....we made the finals and ended up in 4th!! (thankfully everyone stayed on their feet in the finals) My boy (and thankfully all 8 of them) faired much better than his sax....$300 worth of repairs and it's good as new - UGH....Marching season is the best!!!! Love your blog.....