Friday, November 4, 2011


Tonight son C's high school football team is playing my alma mater. It's the last game of the regular season.

Back when these were the only two high schools in the district this was a HUGE game with much vandalism effectuated on both sides in the name of competition. I believe things are a bit less misdemeanor-y these days, maybe because there are a bunch more high schools in the district, or maybe because kids today spend all their time on the internet instead of out perpetrating mayhem the way God intended. Kids! They don't know what's fun!

This rivalry was SO big back in the day that when I found out our neighborhood had been re-zoned such that my kids would be attending my old rival school, I had a bit of a problem with it. Not because I didn't think it was a good school and didn't want my kids to go there for academic reasons, but because I wasn't sure I could bring myself to cheer for the football team and wear their colors at games. As a devout Pigskinopalian (what? don't tell anyone in MY family that football isn't a religion), it just felt wrong.

I'm happy to say it only took one game (well, really one halftime show since my kid is in the band) to turn things around and now I hate my old alma mater with a burning passion! Yay! That is totally mentally healthy and not at all something I would need to bring up in therapy, right? Right!

So yeah, talk to you later. I've got to go buy some cowbells and paint my face or my car or whatever.


  1. Yes, totally mentally healthy. I don't remember having high school rivals. I think we just hated everyone.

  2. See, we have none of this here ... and I think I'd LOVE it!