Friday, April 13, 2012


I'm still having way too much fun with Instagram, obviously.

This is a super busy week here at the saltycrunchy house. P's birthday was yesterday and C's birthday is this coming Tuesday and we are celebrating both of them on Sunday, because we can't do it on Saturday because C will just be coming home from an overnight band thing and H has to volunteer at a charity function. Whew! I am tired. And I still have to make two birthday cakes, zut alors!

I'm typing this with Blogger's new interface and I super duper hate it. I'm also still hating DirecTV, in case anyone was wondering (it's like 4,000 home shopping/infomercial channels and maybe 100 sports channels and like 50 actual for real channels, ugh).

But I have lots of love to throw around this Friday the 13th, oh yes. To whit:
  • I have tiny green tomatoes! On my tomato plants! A slug ate one of them but I killed it. DO NOT EVEN MESS WITH MY TOMATOES, SLUG(S).
  • Also, plums! On my plum tree! Which has not given us plums in the whole 8 years we've had it!
  • My roses have been going nuts. This time of year, before it's too hot, the blooms are bigger than my fist. It's insane.
  • My cooking mojo has returned. This week I made kale chips, coconut-almond granola (sweetened with agave this time, which worked better) and chai tea concentrate (I am STILL eating that salad) in addition to P's birthday dinner of bone-in ribeyes, baked potatoes and grilled artichokes. BRING IT.
  • They did a controlled burn near my neighborhood yesterday and I guess there were mesquite trees involved because my whole end of town smelled like barbecue all day.
  • Six more weeks until summer vacation. We aren't going anywhere, but still.
Alrighty! Gotta go make a cake or something.

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  1. Everything is beautiful but ... the roses!
    Shoo ... go bake!