Monday, April 1, 2013

Hello, April

The first quarter of the year is kind of tough for me, I think maybe because I've attended WAY too many January, February and March funerals in my lifetime. You know, so far.

I lost one of my best friends from high school to AIDS 19 years ago this past January, and my mother-in-law to cancer just one month after that. I lost my first grandparent, my Grandpa M, 14 years ago in January and my Grandma M three years ago this past March and of course my last grandparent, my Grandpa R, in February of this year. That is a lot, I think. A lot of people I loved, all gone during the first three months of any given year. It can feel a bit overwhelming.

If the rest of you could spread that shit out a little, plan your deaths for the summer or autumn months (MANY YEARS FROM NOW, obviously, let's not get crazy), that would be swell. Okay? But not June or July because those are already taken. And not September, that's my birthday. August would be good. Or May. How are you all feeling?

But hey, it's April now! And April, at least in our family, is all about BIRTHDAYS! Husband P, Son C, most of P's siblings, a few assorted inlaws and extended family members all have birthdays this month (please don't die in April). So that's all swell.

C turns 17 this month, and also probably graduates high school, and H has a callback audition on a Very Exciting Project, and also she'll start driver's ed, and I'm going to buy SO MANY herb and tomato plants this month. And then plant them. And then eat them.

Game of Thrones is back, I'm reading Louise Penny's The Cruelest Month, and Adam Ant has a new album out. It's all good, you guys. BECAUSE IT'S APRIL.


  1. I love this -- getting people to commit to dying only in certain (long-distant!) months! I can't fit that into my schedule until at least 2064, more or less, but I'll see about August of that year. :)

    It's so nice to have a string of happy events this month, on the heels of hard months. Hallelujah for that!

  2. Ever onward, ever upward. Spring has sprung. Godspeed.

  3. The only birthday-free months I have free are October and March. Can't really do October, because that would screw up Halloween, so that leaves March. Which is over. Here's hoping everyone has forgotten about the whole thing by next year.