Saturday, July 20, 2013

It seemed like a good idea at the time

Hello, I am typing this at you while standing up because blahblah paleofitness somethingIread chairsarebad ... yeah. I do not remember why I decided to do this, to tell you the truth. But for the past four days or so I've been standing at my desk with my laptop propped on an IKEA footstool and I think I like it? The dog lays right between my feet and usually he wants to have his mouth touching me somehow, which is gross, but apart from that and the fact that my legs are killing me, it's kind of going okay, you guys!


I am feeling a little bit weirder than usual lately because WEATHER. It rained here a whole lot and we all died from the mold allergies and were resurrected only to die again from SO MANY BUGS and now it's just sort of humid and gross and my sinuses are SO ANGRY and I've been drinking hot toddies in July, which is wrong.

Also, I keep opening books only to read things like, "It was November, and frosty leaves crunched underfoot..." or "Winter's icy grip did something icy and wintery..." and I just can't read books like that in the summer, y'all. I have to read summer books in the summer and fall books in the fall, und so weiter, and also sometimes when I buy a nice drinking glass I hide it from the rest of the family so that I'm the only one who can use it! What? Ow, my sinuses! So angry!

I did find a book to read, though: A Tree Grows in Brooklyn. This is my first time reading this particular book and as I go along I have to remind myself that it was written umpteen years ago and that the casual cruelty of small boys has been beaten out of them tempered a bit since then. You know, generally speaking. It's making for a weird followup to Steve Earle's I'll Never Get Out of This World Alive, though. That cognitive dissonance plus this sinus stuff and the high fever I may or may not have right now has me thinking that maybe I shouldn't make any legally binding decisions or operate heavy machinery for a while.

But blogging is okay. Right? This is going well? Yeah, I'm pretty sure.

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  1. It's going just fine, keep it up, minus the sinus and allergies that is.
    And for the love of whatever you believe in, sit down every now and then!