Monday, April 7, 2014

I have no idea what month it is

I am so bad at this blogging thing now, you guys. I'd blame Facebook but I'm not really posting much over there, either. There's just not a lot going on lately, you know? Life goes on. Which is good. Beats the alternative.

I've been cooking a lot, and wearing shorts when it's warm, and drinking kombucha and sidecars and taking too many photos of my dog and the sky. And hanging out at Mayfield Park with the peacocks. And re-reading Siddhartha. All the trees in my yard are leafing out except for Ferdinand the fig tree, who died over the winter. Now I have a new fig tree named Fulgencio! He is pretty awesome. I'll show him to you soon.


  1. Hi there! Sorry to hear about Ferdinand, I had grown foond of him over the year. But we have Fulgencio now! It is lovely to see you again, you know I miss your posts.

  2. Not a lot going on can be a good thing. I'd love to read your thoughts on those spiritual books in your bookshelf. I'm reading everything I get my hands on by Denise Mina. A lot like your Karin Fossum and Tana French. You might enjoy.

  3. I am sorry too to hear about Ferdinand. Our home was built on a former fig orchard to fig sprouts pop up everywhere. A neighbor has a gigantic fig tree. Welcome Fulgencio.