Friday, August 19, 2011

Wake me up in September

Oh, you guys. I KNOW. I have not been blogging at you AT ALL this month! Trust me, it's better for everyone this way. August is my most hated month of the year, with its unbearable heat (15 days of temperatures above 105 degrees? REALLY, Texas?) and the craziness of the last days of summer vacation/first days of back-to-school and whatnot. My silence here is the only way I know to spare you all my whining. Just be glad you don't have to live with me. It ain't pretty.

Fortunately, flipping the calendar over to September always restores my will to live regardless of the temperature or back-to-school craziness. Let's meet back here then, shall we?


  1. 15 days is a lot of days. Glad to hear you haven't melted.

    See you in September!

    (Love the labels for this post, btw...)

  2. as long as "you" keep poppping up on my facebook feed, I will always come back to you dearie. . . heat makes me insufferable, too.

  3. I hate it, TOO. Sick of the heat, sick of the humidity, sick of summer. Bring on the fall, the chili, the football, the pumpkins.