Monday, August 1, 2011

The week that was

Well. I'm pretty sure THAT, the most recent block of time in which I did not blog at you, was the busiest week in this or any other summer. In addition to daughter H needing to be in one place and son C needing to be in another place 10 miles away, both at the exact same time in the morning, and then H picked up ten minutes before C was picked up, and then C taken back and then picked up again a couple of hours later (I know, right?) here are a few things that happened:

We had a lovely visit with husband P's sister S and her husband R, who were in town for their anniversary. (I know, with the initials. I suppose I could make up nicknames for everyone, but then I'd have to keep THOSE straight in my head and I know my head well enough to know that will never work.)

This ridiculous dog turned one year old. 'Nuff said.

I helped H dye her hair "crimson red". It was temporary, and after a couple of shampoos she is already back to her usual golden brown. But it was absolutely lovely, and I'm warming up to the idea of letting her do this on a more permanent basis, maybe next summer when she will be *gulp* fourteen and about to enter high school.

We bought peaches and figs at the farmer's market, and then ate them all before I could take pictures. (Also, I harvested ONE fig from my tiny little potted fig tree -- known to some of you as Ferdinand the Fig Tree because my fig tree is internationally famous -- but I ate that before photographing it, too. It was delicious.)

Meanwhile I have been reading and am nearly finished with Amanda Eyre Ward's latest, Close Your Eyes, and it is every bit as wonderful as her previous works. (I should know, I've read them all.) I'm debating whether to force myself to wade through the only slightly giant pile o' books still living on my nightstand before reading any more Kindle books, or plowing straight into Rachel Devenish Ford's The Eve Tree, which I downloaded this morning. Hmm. Decisions, decisions.

In other news we are now approaching 50 days of temperatures at 100 degrees Fahrenheit or above for the year (and many more at 99 degrees or thereabouts), with no end in sight.

Oh, Lord. Please send autumn. And rain.


  1. Your weather sucks worse than mine. Read in today's paper about the Sons of Leon canceling a concert because the lead singer complained of the heat.Your dog is absolutely adorable. Love your daughter's hair color. Some of our districts won't permit any unnatural colors so if she can do it, she should.

  2. I have never read anything by Amanda Eyre Ward, but after reading the description and some reviews on Amazon, I've just downloaded Close Your Eyes to my Kindle. Thanks for the recommendation!

  3. That run of high temperatures would kill me or put my family at risk of mother-rage, seriously. Such a cute photo of the one-year-old. What a character

  4. I was wondering about Ferdi (here I nicknamed your fig tree) as you hadn't mentioned it anymore. SO yay for THE fig.
    You brave woman thinkign about letting your daughter colour her hair so young ... I would never, as I am a slave of hair colouring myself having had to start @ 17 due to white hair. Yes, 17. I started with natural henna which was absolutely gorgeous but then, THEN henna is not enough anymore unless you want to look like a carrot top.
    Anyway, I am babbling.
    I started The Eve Tree, but with my reading pace I'll be done in December!

  5. Seriously? 50 days of that? Whoa! I do love that crimson red, though. Tres chic.

  6. Just dropping by to report that I'm jonesing for a new entry... I hope all is well!