Saturday, November 12, 2011


Somewhere in this crazy blur, daughter H is getting an award for the acting competition in which she and her school theater group participated this morning. She got one even though her big monologue, which provides the resolution to the central conflict for the entire freaking play, was cut at literally the last second.

It's always something, you know? Either your sousaphone bell falls off in the middle of the biggest marching competition of the year, or your monologue gets cut and as a result your entire play makes no sense. I'm beginning to learn that if something freaky happens but things work out anyway, there is a good chance one (or more) of my kids was involved somehow. Heh. Story of our lives.

I will tell you something, though: seeing my girl on stage and my boy out on the field fills me with a pride that I never anticipated when they were teeny-tiny. Those parenting books with all their talk of milestones can never prepare you for the feeling of watching your child excel at something they love. There are no words.