Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Toot toot

 Hey, you guys! So you know how I am participating in the habit flickr pool this month, even though I am frankly no great shakes as a photographer? Well, that is working out surprisingly well! My photos have been included in the habit blog twice so far this month -- on November 4th and November 11th, and one of my other photos was requested for the flickr group In Love with the Light! (That is their exclamation mark, not mine.)(Although: pretty exciting!)

I suspect the habit thing is more due to my words than my photos, because I am WAY better with words than photos, which should tell you how bad I am with photos, in case you've landed on this page without ever having read me before, but still! That is pretty dang cool!

Maybe I am getting the eye after all? Gosh, I hope so. It's been a long time coming.


  1. These are gorgeous - I love them all but particularly the middle one.

  2. That is awesome! I especially love that last pic.