Friday, May 11, 2012

In which my midlife crisis unfolds before you

Hello, I am a little bit hormonal. You didn't need to know that, but oh wait maybe you did, because it sort of has everything to do with why, when I saw a recipe in my Twitter feed for "Lentil Salad with Goat Cheese Crostini" moments ago, the very name of that dish made me want to punch somebody in the face. And I like lentils AND goat cheese! That is the type of hormonal we are talking about here.

Son C, as you know, goes to therapy twice a week for his misophonia and anxiety. These appointments happen in the evening so he doesn't miss school. This week he was supposed to have a marching camp for band every day after school so we scrambled to reschedule his appointments around them (his therapist only does evening appointments three days a week), but then oh hey guess what, marching camp was canceled at the last second. So we re-rescheduled the appointments. And then he was supposed to have a band concert next Thursday, so we rescheduled his appointment for that night, but then the band concert got moved to Friday so we re-rescheduled that appointment yesterday but now this morning they scheduled a rehearsal for Thursday so now I have to re-re-reschedule and/or cancel the appointment and this sort of thing has happened approximately 4,853 times this semester and OMG, I think we just broke the space-time continuum. We may actually require a TARDIS or at the very least a tricked-out DeLorean and/or Christopher Lloyd to make all this work.

So that's been making me crazy.

In other news, all this time I've been blaming Bruce Springsteen for screwing (or Brucing, as I like to call it) up a bunch of Manfred Mann and the Earth Band's songs when it turns out that all along it was MANFRED MAN stealing BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN'S songs and making them BETTER. And that's when I discovered that I only like Bruce Springsteen's stuff when it's not him singing it. Which I guess means that I kind of hate Bruce Springsteen. AND I NEVER KNEW! Weird.

Also, the other day my mom and I went thrifting/antiquing and I bought an owl:

Right now his name is Five Dollar Owl, even though I paid $5.50 for him, but I'm thinking of changing it to Herman. Or Wilbur. Or Erichthonius.

Yep. Time to go breathe into a paper bag some more.


  1. Oh, a cute owl! I like the L'Engle collection behind him too. And I thought I was the only one geek enough to read her older work (Severed Wasp, Small Rain).

  2. I'm reading L'Engle right now -- Certain Women.

  3. Sending you some cupcakes, sweetie. I cannot imagine doing all that scheduling and re-scheduling and oh my oh my.

    So you like Bruce as a songwriter, not as a performer. That's cool.

    LOVE THE OWL. I wish I could go thrifting with my mom. Maybe when I go home over Memorial Day weekend...

    Oh, and I'm geek enough to have read A Small Rain. I think I don't own it as I think I was feeling poor and so I sold some books, and just haven't gotten around to replacing it.


  4. How does the band director get away with all that re-scheduling? Seems like it would mess up so many things for everyone--especially your kid.

    My kid is nearly done with band forever and we are so happy. But then again your kid has a talent for it and our kid? Doesn't.

  5. Oh Lord the trials of marching band parents....I'm gonna have 2 in the same band at the same time, which in theory seems awesome as they've been in different schools for the last 4 years and will finally be in the same place. While this good fortune hasn't escaped me, since they don't play the same instrument and may not be in the same concert band, this just means different rehearsal/sectional days/times all over again, just in the same building. I may have to start drinking (more) again...

    BTW - it must be a band director thing - ours change their minds ALL THE the last fricking minute!!! ugh....we have to just keep on keepin' on....even though I bitch - band is TOTALLY AWESOME!!!

  6. Oh dear. I thought we had everything in common until this Manfred Mann thing.

  7. Too funny...the other day I heard Bruce doing "Blinded by the Light", knowing full well that he wrote it, and all the while wondering, "Does anyone really prefer Bruce's version over Manfred Man's?"; and wondering how Bruce feels about that...

    1. You hormonal?

      Come here and see for yourself. You'd be relieved ...

  8. Oh, dissing Bruce . . . is that allowed? And after this great new album? :-)

    It's not just band directors --the drama teacher at E's school acts as if 5th grade performances are THE most important thing on Earth and everyone should work around them. Grr.

  9. I love Madeline L'Engle's books, too. Have you read her book about her marriage - A Two Part Invention? I loved it.

    Also, I'm geeky enough to notice Bel Canto by Ann Patchett, which I LOVE! What did you think of it?

  10. OMG Kathy, where have you been all my life?! I F#@%ing love you! Keep on keeping it real.