Saturday, May 5, 2012

May days

If you have school-age kids then I don't have to tell you that May is sort of insane. When they're little it's field day and science day and fine arts day and field trips and class parties out the wazoo. When they're older, it doesn't get any less busy, I'm sorry to say. Between AP exams and end-of-course exams and plain old regular exams and band concerts and banquets and 8th grade prom and theater performances and getting signed up for summer classes and whatnot, school is trying to give me an ulcer right now. Thank God it's almost over. (Although summer isn't looking much better, with summer classes and summer band and wisdom teeth extraction for C, oy.)

Hey, remember when I set some winter goals (making more homemade granola, taking more photos, drinking more chai tea)? Those didn't go all that well, at least not while it was actually winter. I don't think I even set any spring goals, and now spring is over, at least here in central Texas. So I've been thinking about summer goals and right now mine are:
  1. To lose 17 pounds. Oh yes. It's time.
  2. To read more. A LOT more. (I am reading A Prayer for Owen Meany. STILL, in case I've told you this already. I feel like I've been reading it forever.)
  3. To no longer give a damn how I think I look in shorts and just wear them, already.
  4. To quit buying cute new coffee mugs before we need to add on a room for them.
  5. To shop at the farmer's market every single week.
  6. To eradicate hornworms from the face of the earth.
I think I can hit a good 50% of those. It's a start.


  1. I love that mug! And are hornworms the green things in that one bowl? Yikes!


  2. Your May is lovely. Well, except for those fuckers in the bowl. Please don't resort to the killer chemicals.

  3. I thought those green things in that bowl were fingerling limes. Gross!

    It is so so stupid but I always get a bit of a kick out of the fact you guys have the same plants as us - we have two magnolia grandiflora in our backyard - I love them.

    And when someone can tell me how to not get anxiety attacks and stressed out over how many events and exams my kids have I'll be very grateful.

  4. Have you tried BT? It's an organic pesticide we've used successfully.

    1. 17 lbs?????!!!! WHY?

      Those worms are nasty giant.

    2. BT is what my dad told me to get. It seems to be working, thank goodness!

  5. Hornworms. Thank God you told us because I couldn't imagine just what weird veggie they were and how you were actually going to prepare and eat them....

  6. I recognized those dreadful hornworms right off. They're awful! And that's a ton of them....

  7. Oh yes, those not so little worms, Ugh. They do a lot of damadge around here...

  8. Ewww Hornworms. I knew what they were as soon as I saw the pic.
    The Magnolia trees in our courtyard bloomed last week.
    We got fresh Georgia peaches at the farmstand this week. They're small but they're so good.

  9. Our hens would LOVE to eat all your tomato horn worms!