Sunday, June 17, 2012

A thousand words (or less)

It happened yesterday evening. After Plan A (a microbrewery tour) for an early Father's Day celebration with my dad fell through, we switched to Plan B: beers and a movie (Prometheus, thumbs up) at the Alamo. Afterwards we met up with Mom for frozen yogurt and a sunset drive. We were headed north, just crossing the northern branch of the San Gabriel River, when my dad and I both happened to glance to our left, toward the setting sun. And then we saw it.

Six or eight school-aged children, all lined up across a little two-foot-high dam in the river about 100 feet off the road, backs toward us, silhouetted against a gorgeous pinky-orange sunset: they raised their arms in unison and then, a gleeful attitude apparent in every silhouetted limb, they jumped as one and disappeared from view.

We were too far away to hear the splash and the squeals, but was a beautiful sight, a perfect Augenblick of summer. It happened in a split second. It made me wish I'd been able to capture it on camera.

But I'm glad I got to see it. And I'm especially glad I got to see it with my dad.

Happy Father's Day to my awesome dad, my amazing husband, my little brother (whose children are a bit furrier than mine)(well, most of mine), my 92-year-old grandpa, all my uncles and boy cousins and brothers-in-law, and all the rest of you dads out there. May you have many special moments today with your kiddos, regardless of age or species.

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  1. I've been thinking of you a lot as I currently have a client staying 3 weeks, she's from Austin!