Friday, June 8, 2012

'Twas brillig

Summer is humming right along here. It's hot, though. LORD is it hot. And busy. And hot.

Our week started off with a bang when, in the space of a single hour on Monday, H burned her right hand and wrist really badly with the aid of some boiling-hot soup and, when I tried to get her something cold to put on it, the kitchen tap just fell right off in my hand. FELL OFF. IN MY HAND. There's a plumber in my kitchen as we speak (not a euphemism) installing a whole new faucet assembly (also not a euphemism).

H is okay though she's probably going to have a whopper of a scar. The timing was unfortunate because she was a couple of hours away from a Very Important Audition at our local community theater. Thankfully it was an open audition taking place over the course of two days, so she rallied the day after and went in for a cold reading and now she will be uttering the opening lines of the play on opening night, huzzah! (It's an adaptation of Alice In Wonderland. She's part of the narrator chorus. They're doing "Jabberwocky" just at the beginning there, for some reason. THEATRE! We are not meant to understand. Only to appreciate. And clap politely. And not mention The Scottish Play EVER, no matter how badly knowing you can't makes you want to. Shhh.)

Anyhoodles, so she has rehearsals now 3 or 4 nights a week for pretty much the rest of our summer. C starts three weeks of summer school for "credit acceleration" on Monday (read: getting some required courses out of the way so he can free up room in his actual school-year schedule, which is packed sardine-tight because band is double-blocked, blah blah blah you don't care and I don't blame you) and then he has a few weeks off during which he'll likely have his wisdom teeth extracted (fun!) and then he has summer band until school starts, at which point ACTUAL band takes over (this all in addition to the usual 2x/week neurotherapy for his misophonia) and OMG, it's a good thing we didn't plan to travel at all this summer, eh? Right.

I don't mind so much being busy. I like routines. If I go without them for too long, I get weird(er).

I have been reading books: Marion Nestle's Why Calories Count, which was fascinating; Karin Fossum's Don't Look Back, which I enjoyed very much; and now I'm trying to finish Steinbeck's Travels With Charley which is (finally) picking up a bit now that our author and his standard poodle have reached the west coast of the U.S., although I'm not liking this one as much as I'd hoped and that makes me sad.

I'm not in much of a reading mood, to tell you the truth. Nor a watching mood since there's nothing on TV. Nor a music-listening mood, which is unusual for me. I suspect this is my Summer SAD rearing its ugly head, oh dear.

Thank goodness Breaking Bad is coming back soon. I could use a good meth lab explosion right about now.


  1. That shrimp boil looks yum.

    I'm reading books by/about Ellen deGeneres, Audrey Hepburn, Jen Lancaster, Mindy Kaling.

    Siamese twin tomatoes and I have no idea what that last picture is?

    1. Pineapple tomatillos! They are delicious.

    2. Oh dar God, that shrimp concoction has me drooling badly. Sorry, all the rest is blur.

  2. I'm in total envy of your farmer's market. I live out and around a lot of {dairy} farms here in Ohio.....but our market looks nothing like that! I guess it's all the cow's fault. Congrats to H!

  3. That first picture has me salivating, even though I dislike mushrooms and corn dislikes me. If you like Breaking Bad, you'll probably like Criminal Minds: especially the first two seasons with Mandy.