Thursday, July 26, 2012

School starts in 4.5 weeks

(I swear, 50% of my Instagram photos feature me holding something, 25% are foods I'm not holding, 15% are photos of my dog, and 10% are random things including but not limited to clouds and sunsets.)

I think I dreamed earlier this week that I'd updated my blog and told you all about C getting his wisdom teeth out on Monday, how he fainted and had a hypertonic seizure when they put in his IV and how it took him nearly two hours to recover enough that we could bring him home and how he couldn't keep anything down all day long until the doctor phoned in some anti-nausea meds (which caused him to throw up AGAIN before they finally kicked in and started working).

But I guess that didn't happen, the updating part. The rest of it did, but C is fine now, so maybe my brain wrote it off as a nightmare and decided it should stay in my subconscious with all the other Scary Moments In Parenting. Which is just fine with me. Drinking away the trauma has worked great for most of my adult life, why stop now? Heh.

Our summer has been all 1's and 10's with nothing in-between. Either we are crazy super busy or completely, utterly in relaxation mode. It's been good, mostly. I'm hoping we can work in an actual vacation of some sort, a few days at the beach maybe, next year since this is our second summer without anything like that. I don't want to complain or anything, and I'm not even particularly a beach person since I regard large bodies of water as basically giant fish toilets, but every now and then I feel compelled to make a pilgrimage to the Gulf of Mexico. Just to make sure it's still there, and that one can still drink slushy rum drinks and eat fried coconut shrimp with one's toes in the sand.

I think we're all looking forward to the routine of school again. Not long to wait now. H and I went school clothes shopping today totally on the spur of the moment and got her a ton of cute stuff while actually staying within our budget, which almost never happens! She is super excited about starting high school next month. C starts summer band on Monday and that is effectively the end of his summer, which he doesn't seem to mind one bit. We've been holding steady on his dose of Trileptal while he's recovering from the whole wisdom tooth thing, but he should be at his target dose before school starts and we are super excited to see how he does with that.

Yep. It's all good.


  1. Knowing it's all good is better than good.

  2. Firstly, your comment about health stuff on my blog made me weep. Similarly to the whole gun debate there is a mindset there that is basically impenetrable no matter its idiocy.

    And this - the dentist stuff? OH MY. Jasper's complained about a sore tooth on and off for months. I just put it down to an ulcer. Nope. CLEARLY a hole. And not only that, I think part of the tooth has gone.

    Then this week, Grover started saying the same thing. Bingo -clearly a hole and yes, part of the molar missing. FFS.

    That money I won? Thank GOD as it's paying for dental work. Let's not get started on what's going on in my mouth.

    Sorry, this isn't very cheery is it.

  3. That sounds pretty scary. Thankfully it was a nightmare and it's GONE. ;)

  4. Just popped over from Green Girl's blog--only to find myself in the grips of dreams and seizures. Way to grab a new reader!

    I like your idea of the summer being all 1's or 10's; we've had the same here although yesterday's heat-induced torpor might have been a -1.

    Anyhow, hi. May the tooth healing continue apace.