Thursday, August 2, 2012

Unwinding the despair spiral

Hello, I had hoped to tell you this week that our August is starting out AWESOME, that C is loving the heck out of summer band and doing great on the new meds and that everything is super hunky-dory and we are all excited about school starting later this month.

But you know what they say about hope. It's the thing with feathers that gets shot right out of the sky with a 12-gauge, or something. I'm pretty sure that's how that goes, yes? I never was a big Dickinson fan. (If you giggled when you read that last sentence, you are totally in my tribe.)

Somehow summer band has kicked C's misophonia into high gear. I've spoken with his doctor and we're going to tweak his meds to see if they are part of the problem. We've also spoken with the band director and will be putting some accommodations in place. We will deal with this. We will, we will. And I will step away from googling "distance learning for high school credit", "homeschool marching band", "distance learning for college degree", "legitimate work at home opportunities" and "house for sale with garage apartment". There, I have totally set myself up for ALL THE SPAM COMMENTS IN THE WORLD.

But hey, let's not talk about all that. Nor about the dream I keep having where thousands of tiny objects are spilling out of containers and I have to sort and count them all and put them back where they belong, nor that dream I had about the tornadoes, nor the fact that C and I arrived home from an aborted attempt to get through summer band this afternoon to discover that the dog had been Very Ill Indeed in our absence. All over my favorite rug. Yeah.

Let's talk about some things that are good. Okay? Can we do that? I'm going to. I think maybe I need to.

Here are some things I am enjoying these days, in no particular order:
  1. Avocados. I seriously cannot get enough of them right now.
  2. Level 2 of Jillian Michaels's 6 Week Six-Pack DVD. Holy cheezits, that is the hardest workout I have ever done. I freaking love it.
  3. La Croix flavored sparkling water. I have only just discovered this product (much like Columbus discovered America) and I am hooked. No calories, no sweeteners of any kind, no caffeine, but less boring than plain water.
  4. The Last Policeman by Ben H. Winters. A large asteroid is six months away from colliding with the earth, world economies and infrastructure are collapsing, people are killing themselves left and right, but police detective Henry Palace is just trying to do his job. Loved this book; it was quirky and weird and actually kind of sweet.
  5. Clothes shopping. I have not only gone down 2 pant sizes (well, 2.5 now, which is awkward), I've gone down a shirt size as well. I no longer hate trying on clothes, which is good, because I no longer can buy clothes without trying them on.
  6. Breaking Bad. It's back, and I am so happy. Except this is the last season, which makes me sad. But this is the happy list, so I'll just say that if they were to spin off a series of just Jesse and Mike hanging out in cars being badass, I would totally watch and enjoy that.
  7. Popcorn. The old-fashioned kind, popped in coconut oil on the stovetop and sprinkled with a bit of seasoned salt. I'm getting pretty much all my carbs in popcorn form these days.
  8. Big Bang Theory. I am very late to this party and I know everyone else is kind of over it, but somehow this show has become my comfort TV viewing.
  9. "Why Am I The One" by Fun. It's not a particularly happy song, but it makes me happy. Go figure.
  10. The sun is moving south. I can see it happening. This means fall is coming and my reverse seasonal affective disorder is GOING AWAY. Real soon now. I just know it.
Well, I've had so many interruptions that it's taken me about 5 hours to write this, so hey! I think it's time to publish. Talk to you later.


  1. I am definately not over Big Bang Theory. We watch the syndicated reruns and laugh at episodes we've seen multiple times.
    Yay for smaller sizes!
    If Fall in Texas is like Fall in Florida, we call it Rocktober.

  2. Canfields makes a flavored sparkling water, too, (cheaper) and there is even a store band version at my local grocery that my husband likes. (Even cheaper) I personally would never touch the stuff, but that's why I haven't dropped 2.5 dress sizes.

    Sorry about the kid, Here's to hope!

  3. Yeah well bugger and damn to all that stuff with your son. I have been thinking of you as we creep closer to summer and hoping the reverse SAD has not been too bad for you during your summer.

    The fact that you have continued with your exercise etc is a great tribute to your resilience!

  4. But would we be without hope ...
    SO I hope C's problems will be solved ASAP

    2,5 sizes. Damn gurl! You are rocking the diet.

  5. The biggest hug that the internet to all of you. Hope, that really is all we can rely on. That and popcorn. Sounds yummy!

  6. You are lucky to have a doctor who understandss C's problems and will continue to tweak the meds he takes. I've known you on line for so many years and watched you help your little boy grow up. You will never be defeated.
    Wish I coud report such excellent results with my weight loss efforts, but I had a huge vacation setback.

  7. The Pampelmousse is my favorite La Croix flavor. As for that thing with feathers, I much prefer Woody Allen's definition:

    “How wrong Emily Dickinson was! Hope is not "the thing with feathers." The thing with feathers has turned out to be my nephew. I must take him to a specialist in Zurich.”