Thursday, September 27, 2012

September update

I've been trying to update Ye Olde Blogge here for the past couple of days, and every single time I lose my writing mojo and decide I have nothing to tell you. So I am just going to list off some random stuff that's been going on around here and hope for the best, alright? Yeah.
  1. I started reading Deborah Harkness's A Discovery of Witches but got bored eight chapters in and stopped. My God, this is going to be the most fascinating blog update ever!
  2. My dog recently started lifting his leg to pee. (I bring you only the very best in entertainment.) I don't know why he is doing this all of a sudden now. Is it a 2-year milestone, or something? We had him neutered when he was 6 months old and I always assumed that was why he peed like a girl dog, only now he doesn't. Hmm.
  3. I spent an embarrassingly large amount of time this morning Googling "how to cook frozen mussels". I don't actually HAVE any frozen mussels, but I've seen them in the store and I've always wondered how that works. And now I know that in order to freeze mussels, you have to cook them first. So, frozen mussels are already cooked, and they probably won't kill you, and now YOU don't have to Google that. You're welcome.
  4. Speaking of food, I've lately become a person who drinks vinegar. I know. That is a thing, apparently? A thing that I do now. But I'm telling you, a tablespoon of that coconut white balsamic vinegar I bought on my birthday mixed with sparkling water over ice is freaking DELICIOUS. It is! For real!
  5. We recently started C on Lexapro, which is a SSRI which might kill him maybe. But if it doesn't kill him, it might save his life. I said once upon a time that I would never put my under-18 child on psychotropic drugs, AND YET it has become so incredibly obvious that his crippling anxiety is the key to virtually everything in his world that isn't working right now. He is 16 years old, he is the size of an adult, he has the body mass of an adult. These drugs help SO MANY people who end up NOT killing themselves. We are monitoring him super closely -- now that he's not going to school I am with him virtually all day, every day -- and he is seeing his doctor once every 2 - 3 weeks. P, C and I firmly believe the possible benefits outweigh the possible risks. But holy hell. This parenting shit is hard, you guys. 
  6. I am in therapy too now. So that is a good thing, and probably long overdue.
  7. In addition to my beloved Jillian Michaels exercise DVDs (OMG, I just started doing her new one, Killer Abs, and it is incredible) I am also walking the dog again, because it's cool enough in the mornings to do that now. Much like me, the dog is less of a hellbeast when he gets his exercise every day. So that too is a good thing.
  8. Except the air is thick right now with horrible noxious pollen and mold spores and whatnot, so while the dog and I are slightly lower on the hellbeast scale these days, we both are snorting and snuffling and wheezing our way through life, which is JUST DELIGHTFUL. I am carrying about a gallon of Afrin nasal spray around in my sinuses right now, and I know this because I can feel it sloshing back and forth whenever I move my head. Bleargh.
  9. On the plus side, if we can just get the temperature to scootch down by 10 - 15 degrees or so it will officially be Hot Toddy Season. And hot toddies cure everything. That is a medical fact.
  10. Until then, I'll just keep huffing sriracha.


  1. Never boring. You want boring? I'll start blogging again. I knew it was time to quit when my boys' clothing started to be the only thing I had to plunk down as 'content'.
    We are now tossing down Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar. But I might consider switching to something actually ENJOYABLE.
    Having a flirtation with walking the dog but my plantar faciitis is still pesky. I am HATING wearing shoes all day/every day. I am a barefoot kind of girl.
    About putting your son on the happy pills, operative word is YOUR. You do whatever you need to do to get him perking along with life.

  2. I take Lexapro daily & have for some time. It doesn't make me feel weird and it has virtually no side effects on me.

    I have a kid on mega doses of lithium. I feel your pain.

  3. What a relief that C is doing better. So great that your school offers that option.

    You make it sound so good, but I will never believe that drinking vinegar tastes delicious!

    Good luck on the allergy stuff. So annoying!

  4. I've been taking Lexapro for 6 or so years, for anxiety. It works well for me, with no side effects. I hope that it will help C.

  5. Kathy, never say never to anything and C is probably at the right age for the psychotropic medications.
    Back in the early 60s my father lost 25 pounds on the apple cider vinegar diet. I think he had it three times a day and I need to grab the box in the storage room where I have the book he used. It was probably by the Braggs. I just finished a four part class at Whole Foods and the awesome teacher used Bragg's liquid aminos or apple cider vinegar in many of the recipes.
    My nose has be running and I have been congested for 10 days. Here it is the pine pollen that gets me. I take allegra if and when I remember.
    Love your love affair with Jillian Michaels. I ordered a fitbit this morning.

  6. I understand the inability to write a narrative post. I wrote one and then pulled it down. Lame, no?
    1. Lexapro - took a half a dose for 5 days and it almost killed me. WTF? What doesn't kill me makes me less depressed? So, no.
    2. FROZEN COOKED MUSSELS??? I forget you live in Texas. DO NOT EAT COOKED FROZEN MUSSELS for all that is holy in the world!
    3. The nose crud - everyone but the Mister has it right now.
    4. Therapy - how have you NOT been on it with all the stuff you deal with, that by the way, would take down an ox.
    5. CAn't wait for a hot toddy meself.

  7. Frozen mussels? nonononononono
    Hope Lexapro will be helpful!
    Drink vinegar ... I should try it before declining.

  8. It's so very enjoyable to read your lists.
    1. Love the dog's new approach to urination. I have no explanation either unless maybe he's just decided not to be a puppy anymore. If that's the case...yay!
    2.Lexapro: E was on it two years when she was 16, and it seems to be the drug of choice on my husband's side of the family. It did not kill E, but we have had some other meds that increased bad thoughts. I so understand your anxiety about it.
    3. Ragweed is hideously high here in Ohio. M is miserable.

  9. Has your dog been watching other dogs? When we got our puppy, he peed like a girl until he noticed our other dog lifting his leg and then he started lifting his leg too. We praised him for "peeing like a big boy." We don't have human kids, so this was the equivalent of toilet training for us. LOL!

  10. I have been taking lexapro for 2 years now; it got me off the sofa, off the pizza & icecream and back into life. I hope it helps your boy.