Thursday, September 20, 2012

Things I did on my birthday

ATE the Big Lebowski burger from Big Daddy's, a whole mess of fried pickles, one or two giant french fries and a cup of red velvet/cake batter froyo (with sprinkles)(and chocolate chips).

DRANK a giant coconut milk latte, a pint of Thirsty Goat Amber, half a bottle of honeydew-hibiscus Hint and a very dirty vodka martini.

TASTED several varieties of olive oil, several more varieties of balsamic vinegar, some honey powder and a spice mix that tasted exactly like fried chicken.

BOUGHT two pairs of thrifted jeans, some barbecue spice rub, za'atar seasoning, mesquite and applewood-smoked peppercorns, and a bottle of coconut-infused white balsamic vinegar.

WORE skinny jeans (!!) and a pair of cute flats I found in the bottom of my closet and had totally forgotten I owned.

ENJOYED the amazing weather, the company of my parental units, the incredibly sweet birthday wishes from P and C and H, a whole heaping bunch of lovely Facebook greetings and the knowledge that I get to celebrate again on Saturday. With cake!

I am a lucky girl.


  1. That sounds like perhaps the best birthday description I've ever heard. And I'm still mulling over that coconut milk latte. Who knew of such a thing?

    You deserve all this - and more. Esp the skinny jeans, girl!

  2. Happy, happy bithday and party all weekend!