Friday, June 28, 2013

It's almost July

It's almost July and I have nothing exciting to tell you, unless your idea of excitement involves endometrial ablations and corneal debridements, both of which I'm likely to have in the next couple of months. And now I've told you way more than you ever wanted to know. I'm glad we could have this talk.

It is very hot here now, 80s when I wake up around 8-ish a.m. and triple digits by lunchtime, but the weird thing is that I kind of like it. I don't know if it's the losing 20 pounds thing or if I've just lost my mutha-effin' mind, but ... yes. I do not hate the hot weather anymore. I don't even know what to tell you about that. This time last year I was looking for retirement homes in North Carolina, and now I'm thinking Texas is awesome, except for our politics, and let's not even go there, okay? I am happy to tell you how my uterus is trying to kill me during menopause and how I am sort of going blind a little bit, but let's not get into politics. God forbid. Assuming you believe in God. Let's not go there, either. Would you like a martini? Is it okay if I have one? Awesome. Slainte!

Here are some things I've been doing:
  1. Playing World of Warcraft with C and also taking him to the UT campus so he can look at his future home away from home.
  2. Taking H driving because she has her learner's permit now, OMG.
  3. Cooking. Lots of stuff.
  4. Drinking. Lots of stuff.
  5. Watching a bunch of horrible television.
  6. Reading Jonathan Tropper again and downloading more books to my Kindle than I will ever be able to read in a lifetime.
  7. Taking myself out to lunch. Because I deserve it, goddammit.
  8. Still eating modified paleo. And still keeping my weight off.
  10. Enjoying the heat. Did I mention?
Yeah. It's summer. I don't know.


  1. That picture of Raccal gives me hope that Joanie will settle down. The only reason she hasn't taken a chunk of my ear off yet is because she can't.

  2. Glad you're enjoying summer. I'm hating it with all my guts. If you need to discuss uterus, email me, I'll be happy to share info!

  3. Hey Badge! I can still call you that? Right? You'll always be Badger to me. Your peaches look divine and I think you should still look for a home to retire to in North Carolina, you would really like it here!