Thursday, July 10, 2014

This Week In My Kitchen :: Blog Hop

Playing along with Heather again this week...

You guys! I know, it's been two weeks. And it's just food again. This might be all you get out of me for a while. Apparently 6-12 months ago I decided to make ALL THE APPOINTMENTS for June and July, so the kids and I have been running back and forth to doctor and dentist and optometrist visits in what is beginning to feel like a Groundhog Day type of scenario. There have been plenty of doings in the kitchen, though.

  • Burgers are happening. I eat mine without buns, which is probably good considering how many other toppings I manage to pile on/around them.
  • I am trying really hard to perfect dairy-free tzatziki. REALLY REALLY HARD. Almost there. I'll probably post the recipe to the other blog once I've perfected it.
  • Muffins! It's this recipe from PaleOMG. They're cooling on my counter as we speak and my house smells AMAZING.
  • We had ribs and coleslaw for the 4th. That's it -- just ribs and coleslaw. That's all the food groups, right? Yeah.
  • I'm still making ice cream. I felt you should know. (This is the Salted Caramel Chocolate Chunk ice cream from Kelly Brozyna's Dairy-Free Ice Cream and it's ridiculously amazing.)
  • Sometimes leftovers-for-lunch means cold grilled shrimp, kimchi and half an avocado. And that's okay.
  • I am sooooo loving the direct sunlight that comes into our north-facing back windows in the evenings. It only happens in the summer and it's pretty much my favorite thing. My next house needs WAY more direct sunlight. This one is kind of a tomb most of the year.
Yep, that's it. I'm off to clean my brand new occlusal splint and google up some info on scleral contact lenses. Oy.


  1. It all looks sooo yummy except for the ice cream. That particular photograph looks like the chocolate truffle-covered ovarian tumor from that Margaret Atwood short story.

  2. Although I just had lunch I coudl sample each and every dish you posted. Yhey look REALLY yummy.

  3. Now I'm craving cauliflower...