Saturday, January 2, 2016

I'm gonna kick tomorrow













I was all set to tell you what a difficult year 2015 was, to total up all the doctor visits and bloodwork and x-rays and surgeries and endoscopy and whatnot my girl H had this past year, culminating in a December 31 diagnosis of possible pneumonia, but you know what? Let's not. The past is the past. We're moving on.

There are big changes happening in the saltycrunchy house this year. Son C has enrolled in college! Daughter H will be graduating high school and starting college! And I am cutting WAY back on individual health coaching this year in order to (a) have more flexibility in my daily schedule and (b) focus on reaching a wider audience. Will I write a book? Put together some online workshops? Start a podcast? Do something rather exciting, blog- and website-wise? (My other blog and website, not this one.) I don't know. But I'm eager to find out!

I never got around to making resolutions this year, so let's cobble some together on the fly, shall we? How about:
  • Less fear, more authenticity.
  • Say both Yes AND No more, but to different things than usual.
I can think of a few more, but they're really all just variations on those two. And really that second one is just a variation on the first. See, this is why I don't do resolutions.

In other news, last month the library bookshop had both Wolf Hall and Bring Up the Bodies in hardback for $2 each so I snapped them up and have been reading the first one and it's so good, you guys. Husband P bought me a Roku because I was stressed out and he's the best human ever so now I'm all caught up on Transparent and I can't stop thinking about it. Sometime in the next 8 hours or so I FINALLY will have seen the new Star Wars movie (H was too sick to go all December). I did yoga today, I ate bacon and greens today, I haven't showered yet today but I'M GONNA I SWEAR, and it's all good. It really is.


  1. Happy New Year, Kathy! Can't wait to see where you go next.

  2. Transparent, I just loved it so much too, and can't stop thinking about it even though I saw the last episode weeks ago. I wish they'd hurry up and get the next season up. Such a beautiful, moving show.

    And how I love your resolutions -- though I find a tight relationship between more authenticity and more fear, at least in the early stages. Saying yes and no more often, and to different things, I love the way you framed that, so so much.

    I am glad to go through 2016 with you as my friend. I resolve to see you more often!